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Happiness tracking

Simple daily check-in routine

Our daily check-in "how do you feel today?" encourages awareness and provides critical insights about wellbeing, sentiment and day-to-day experience.

Freeform ongoing narrative

Provides an ongoing narrative of people's experiences, their highs and lows, successes and concerns. Also encourages connection and interaction in a host of ways.

Personal tracking tool for all

A personal log of ratings and comments for each employee, aides reflection and recall as well as providing an accurate ongoing tracking mechanism for individuals.

Rich, transparent dashboards

Clear insights about how people are doing in the hands of the people who can make the biggest difference.


Pulse survey tool

With Pulse surveys, you can keep track of the most important themes in your company... high frequency low intensity surveys to help you measure your progress alongside the rich insights about day-to-day experiences.

Question library

Choose from our extensive library of questions for Pulse surveys or bespoke surveys of your choice. Edit the questions to meet your needs or add your own at any time.

Bespoke surveys

Create a survey, choose your audience and send, then watch the insights appear 'live' in our reporting area.

Flexible and adaptive

With Pulse surveys, you decide what questions get asked, the frequency they're asked, even how many. You can set them in a particular order or choose from a variety of ordering options.


Dashboard suite

Happiness data, Happiness Wall in summary form in our suite of dashboards that share just the right information across your business.

Demographic filters

Choose the demographic filters to best suit your population and increase your understanding of the factors influencing wellbeing, happiness and experience.

Powerful analytics tools

Compare results over time, and deep dive into our reporting tools to explore similarities and variations between populations across your business, all in real-time

Everyone in mind

My tracker

A personal log of ratings and comments for each employee, aides reflection and recall as well as providing an accurate ongoing tracking mechanism for individuals.

Native apps and mobile

Our native Apps for iOS and Android devices along with a fully mobile responsive design extend your reach to people not using computers or email regularly.

My reflections

A private journalling tool for reflective practice. An editable file for tracking experiences along with rating. The benefits of reflective practice are well proven.

Resource toolkit

An ever evolving library of resources shares ideas and thought leadership on happiness at work and culture, along with specific guides for using Happiness Lab in your business.


Configurable structure

Mirror your organisational structure with our easily configurable team structure that shows your business as you've designed it.

Flexible features

Easily configurable set of features that allows full control over what you use across your company.

Controllable schedules

Determine when you send the daily nudge to your people based upon your normal working patterns or to coincide with important events.

Add your own logo

Add your company logo to make Happiness Lab feel a little more like your company.


Secure and anonymous

Data is anonymous and aggregated in presentation. Encrypted in transit and at rest. Hosted securely in the UK.

GDPR compliant

Fully compliant. We never use personal information except as guided by you. Export your personal data at any time.

Permission controls

Flexible permissions gives full control over transparency of data and privacy settings.

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